Credit Renew provides FICO® based Credit Repair powered by MyScoreIQ®

FICO® Scores & Credit Reports
FICO® Scores & Credit Reports
FICO® Scores & Credit Reports
Credit Renew is proud to partner with MyScoreIQ® and deliver credit repair driven by FICO®.

What MyScoreIQ® provides


All 3 Bureaus

Get your FICO® Scores and reports from all three bureaus every 30 days.


Credit Monitoring

MyScoreIQ® monitors your credit for suspicious activity.


$25k ID Theft Insurance

Protect your identity and get up to $25,000 in coverage for ID Theft.


Fraud Restoration

US Based Fraud Restoration Team works to restore credit after ID Theft.


Checking Account Report

Watch over your funds with Checking Account Reports on suspicious activity.


Lost Wallet Protection

Protect yourself from the aftermath of a stolen wallet.

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The most important process in repairing your credit is ensuring you have the most accurate information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have to partner with MyScoreIQ® to get access to my FICO® Scores and reports?

All three credit bureaus have made it impossible for credit repair organizations to obtain access to FICO® Credit Scores and Reports. Many of the firms who can 'access' your credit reports are simply showing you one bureau scores.

Why not use a cheaper service than MyScoreIQ®?

MyScoreIQ® is the most affordable method to get access to FICO® Scores. We could get cheaper credit report access with VantageScore®. However, we value running our credit repair process on FICO®.

Do I sign up for MyScoreIQ® separately?

Yes. But don't worry it's built into our onboarding process. To get started - simple start a free trial with Credit Renew.

How will I know it's integrated?

You will see all three bureau credit scores and reports when you sign in to the Credit Renew client portal .

Can't I get my credit score for free online?

There are a host of apps that allow access to VantageScore®. However other than writing the credit bureaus, we have not found a free way to obtain FICO Scores and reports.

Do I have to sign up for MyScoreIQ®?

MyScoreIQ® is not necessary to hire Credit Renew. However, it streamlines the process of getting your FICO® Score every 30 days without impacting your credit. The unfortunate fact is that most Credit Repair companies use less reliable information that can be obtained for free online. We know that having the right credit information is the only way to ensure we perform our task of repairing your credit quickly and correctly.